Pre-School Programs

                             INFANTS AND TODDLERS

Our philosophy for young babies is to care for them in a warm and affectionate way that lets each child know he or she is a special person.  The physical affection and cuddling is so important as each child grows and develops.

We provide a joyful, loving and caring atmosphere were emotional, physical and social growth is encouraged while meeting basic daily needs.  We meet each child on his or her own level and grow with them as they start as young babies and develop through toddlerhood, becoming independent young children.


It is our philosophy at Victor Child Care that young children are in their prime learning years.  We feel that they are ready and anxious to learn with great enthusiasm.  This is why we provide a program that offers children growth and experience in every developmental area. Our curriculum is aligned with the NYS Early Childhood Learning Standards.

Within those standards, we believe in structure for children.  We feel they need consistency and reliability they can count on.  They feel greater security knowing what the routine will be and what is expected.  Children come to feel comfortable with the sameness in people and schedule. Their lives are predictable and stable.

Within the daily structure and routine, we provide tremendous opportunity for creativity and imagination especially within the music, art and free play portion of our program.  Safe and secure surroundings, combined with love and creativity allows us to meet each child’s needs and promote healthy growth and development.

Victor Child Care Center

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